2016-10-17 0 Comments Editorial

This Monday Morning Feeling…

It’s MONDAY Morning at POWER OF REGGAE HQ or should I say the LION’S DEN… What a great feeling to be here for another Strong (Bun a weekday). We have so much in store for you, reggae lovers. The thing about Reggae is, we have allies in every genre and lovers in every country. Our instrumentation inspires Rock N Roll, our lyricism inspired Hip Hop, our icons inspired the world. Reggae is the Lovers music and the world needs love. Love is the Power Of Reggae ( ‘member that). So on this Monday Morning I greet you with LOVE!  Make sure you Tune in to the radio show today at 4PM (US) | 9PM (UK). This Monday Morning Music pick is obvious: Tito Simon – This Monday Morning Feeling…classic… Have a Classic day my people. See you at 4PM