2016-03-03 0 Comments Editorial

The Legend of Thundaskank

As legend has it, Thundaskank originated in a music video by the Thunderlions called “Down In The Ghetto” in which group member Isaac Faith bus’s a mod skank down a set of stairs.

After seeing the music video, JonnyGo Figure, the Brooklyn Bloke ( and a staple on the Brooklyn SKunderground) went online expressing his views on Isaac Faith’s Skanking abilities, implying he would’ve done a better job.  Looking to capitalize off of the growing feud, Knotti a.k.a Don SKing, contacted both parties instigating a war of the skankers. 

Thundaskank was set to be this biggest Skanking competition ever… as a matter of fact, it would be the only skank off on record in history. The only problem was Knotti SKing talked bigger than his backing. Strapped for cash and desperate to pull off his master plan, SKing contacts Snypa, a local don who ends up funding him with expectations to be repaid promptly. Knotti linked up with a big city promoter named Scratch Famous, who allowed Knotti to host the party at his weekly DOWNTOWN TOP RANKIN venue.

The party was a success, turning out a larger crowd than expected.

However, Knotti escaped with the money, never to be seen again. Isaac went on to receive his trophy and document the happenings in his song of the same name “Thundaskank”.

Threats from Snypa soon followed. Rumors of retaliation for the disrespect shown on Knotti’s behalf became the hot topic on the Skunderground. Knotti soon surfaced with a song called Start Di War featuring an artist by the name of NRG, who is rumored to be Knotti’s goon.

What will happen next? let’s wait and see.