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Kingston, Jamaica; 26 year old Daryl ‘Tafari’ Tate, a humble Jamaican musical mastermind, has successfully released his first musical project entitled Jah Jah Mi Call Pon on his Modern Anciency Music label. The smooth sultry reggae rhythm is already home to up and coming reggae act Tee Jay with a single dubbed “Jah Jah Mi Call Pon”.


No new comer to the music industry, Tafari has earned his musical credits fiddling with poetry, selecting on the Soul Faith sound system, self-learning the guitar and playing the kette drum with Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith from Inna Di Yard. He later mastered the drums with the Rastafari Indigenous Village.


Not tied to any specific musical genre, Tafari is open to dabble in any sound that appeases his spirit; and having developed his own artistic concepts from a yearning for music that he connects with spiritually, Tafari is ready to create and share a “vibration”.


“My motto is music is a spiritual ting. How do we teach people who can’t hear or see? It’s a spirit thing.”


He continues, “The one thing I maintain with my work is the feeling. Mi put mi heart inna it. My music mentor Bootman always tell mi “A better you do music the right way and nobody no listen to it more than do it messed up and the people in the crowd who really know music will know say it messed up”,” Tafari explains.


While his love for music is undying, his hope is to hone his musical style, work with musical greats; and cater to a global audience while creating his own legacy in the business.


Jah Jah Mi Call Pon”  is just the beginning. I have whole heap more to come and mi a look fi leave a great legacy by setting a good example for other youths to follow,” says Tafari.


Distributed by Zojak Worldwide, Jah Jah Mi Call Pon is available on all digital platforms and is already receiving support via airwaves across the Caribbean.


Meanwhile, Tafari remains steadfast in his efforts to create first class musical productions and is already in talks with other reggae acts to complement his creations to further cement his position in the music industry.

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