Smif-N-Wessun feat. OGC and Jah Dan Blakkamoore – Sound Bwoy Bureill

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Producer: Mr. Walt of Beatminerz

Tek: To me, [Reggae and Dancehall] are forms of music [of which] I am a big fan. I’m blessed to have the talent, know how and patience to [rap over those riddims]. It’s a great form of expression. It strengthens the bonds between people and heals the bonds of broken souls.

Steele: It was difficult to not to grow into it. My little brother (Top Dawg from OGC) was into Reggae. I’d go to this small radio station in my neighborhood growing up to hear underground Rap, and while I was doing that, he’d buy Reggae tapes from the store. All he ever listened to was Reggae, so I’d ask him sometimes, “You’re not going to switch it up?” He never did! My uncle Guy was a fanatic for these VHS tapes of Soundclash battles, too. Also, there were always hooky parties and hearing Shabba Ranks, hanging out on East Flatbush and Canarsie where the West Indian Culture vibes were heavy.

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