Runkus – Move Yuh Feet [Official Video 2016]



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“They need to create a genre for my style of music and call it Runkus”, sums up the confidence this young talent has in his own ability. The young Rastafarian Campionite, and especially growing up with a musician for a father (Determine) meant that Runkus was destined to be artiste, but he took a different path from the Reggae music his father is known for. His music seems to be influenced by a fusion of the conscious Rastafarian lifestyle, the enigmatic essence of music that comes as a result of the “spontaneous overflow of emotion” and the authentic Dancehall message of strength in self. This unique style is complimented by his obsession with creative lyrics and engaging delivery. He admits his love for the guitar and this love manifests itself in his songs, which he also personally engineers. Listening to Runkus, you get the feeling that this young talent has decided to deliver something new in his beats, mixtures of genre and his lyrical content.