Never Stop – by Blacka Di Danca

blacka_di_danca_2The worst thing that you can do in anything that you love is to stop. Never stop learning, fighting, loving, doing, thinking, trying, planning or being. Time is the most powerful force on this planet, and depending on how you manipulate it to your advantage, you 

either move extremely forward or fall far behind. See the thing is… look at clock or watch…. stop breathing and stare really hard at it…. wish for it to stop… now COMMAND for it to stop! Even if you pray for it to stop… it won’t. But in that time of wishing… you lost time and you moved backwards in it. So… this morning… I want to motivate you all, as a human being who can be insecure at times… as a human being who doubts himself sometimes and as a human being that constantly questions himself…. to never quit! There’s no shame or wrong in self-doubt… we all feel it because we’re all human… but doubt breeds creativity and drive. If you always thought you had life figured out, you would stop figuring out. The shame is in not allowing yourself to work towards your passion in the tiniest way every single day because passion is love and love is life. Today… if you’re doubting yourself in the tiniest way, take a break… and work towards the other parts of you. I’ll repeat. Do not stop. Re-direct. Have a powerful day.

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