Nas as Selassie (thoughts by Bobo REMS)

14947967_1241205305951193_7366113871746527020_nSo I woke up to 2 inbox this morning around 8 am asking what I thought about the Rapper Nas dressing up as InI God N King. Nas is not stupid he is a well intelligent brother, he knows InI don’t deal with Halloween.


1, 2… /I never knock a brother / I’m anti-jail for real / Smooth criminal skill
Locked in a human flesh shield / Watching niggas get rich beside me
Pushing a 5 B-Y me up in the passenger seat / But I see me as Hallie Selassie in my kingdom

I look at this picture as him making a power statement to the world, yah wanna celebrate the dead while imma gonna celebrate the living God and 2 days before H.I.M & H.I.M 86th Coronation. I know some Rasse gonna wanna burn him out but burn him for what? His heart was in a good place when he did this. I seen nuff Rasta on Facebook dress up for Halloween in all sorts of foolishness costumes celebrating Halloween dressing up as batman, cat lady and all type of arms house. That’s what ones should be burning. You know how many youths who look up to Nas is gonna ask who is this person Nas is dressed as and because they don’t know they will have to do Research on the King. Yes Nas you did your thing King. Honor!!!!

Nas mentions Haile Selassie in his song “LIFE IS LIKE A DICE GAME” which was included in his demo tape before his fame!