Nachy Bless- By Janel To The Core


The saturation of inspiring singers and songwriters in New York City is predominantly a downfall, without passion for the craft. Talent alone isn’t enough for an independent artist to position into the spotlight. No matter which stage they choose to take, whether being the subway station or a concert setting, They better have that “it factor”, to remain memorable. There are a few names that stand out when the topic is good impression, but there is one who recently caught my attention.

“Originality is a musical necessity”, stated Nachy Bless, Brooklyn, NY based Singer/Song Writer/Producer. He’s the founder and CEO of the new genre of music called “Reggae Soul Hop”. One word I consistently hear to describe Nachy Bless is ‘Versatile’. His versatility is electrifying. No matter the rhythmic flavor I’m seeking, I can get all doses from listening to him.
I find myself listening to “Visuals” a lot. The flow of it is invigorating. It was the last tune selected to feature on “The Black Love: Ladies Edition Mix” All tracks selected by I and mixed by DJ Smilee from Buxton International Sound (The mix is currently on Soundclound and YouTube). “She Fill Up”, “Sometime”, and “Jah Love You” are also some favorites, continuously on replay. Nachy Bless has much more in store for 2017. Follow him to stay tuned in.
IG: @nachyblessyes
Twitter: @nachybless

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Written by Janel To The Core

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