Dretegs: Memories

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sainte Howard Motion Picture has delivered greatness to the world again. Andre “Dretegs” Hawthorne dropped his new music video for “Memories”, as expected on 12/12/19. Dretegs’s therapeutic lyrics are convincing, to enjoy the ride on the enticing and soothing riddim. “Beautiful in everyway”, complimented a fan on IG @dretegs. “Been waiting on this one, The Earth needs your artistry, Upfulness!” More positive energy exuded in comments, on social media.

The Earth is your stage Dretegs. ” Love ya sista, Love ya brutha, truth is we don’t live forever.” With only 19 days left for a New Year, messages like this will evoke emotions within many who had to say R.I.P to their love ones. The realistic experience of the journey toward healing is an expression throughout this track. Sit back and let the harmonious track shower you and your family with love, guidance and protection. The “Full Circle” Project is already showing the Power of Reggae with “Memories” premiere.

Written By Janel To The Core

Dretegs “Memories” from the upcoming project ” Full Circle” Song Produced & Performed by Dretegs for Dretegs Productions. Out on all major digital platforms. Visual Production & Edit by Sainte Howard for ECUMO. Online Links: www.instagram.com/dretegs www.instagram.com/sainteh www.ecumo.com https://www.facebook.com/D-R-E-T-E-G-…

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