Dionne Reid- Soundcheck Mixtape


DIONNE REID’s “Soundcheck Mixtape”

Raised in Peckham the singer/songwriter Dionne Reid decided that she would no longer let others determine her success but rather understand her mission and adopt a do it yourself ethos. Recorded in her home-studio in South London, ‘Soundcheck’ is a raw unmastered record of Dionne’s most remarkable journey as a young woman and musician who found her way.

Deciding that DIY was better way to get her message across; she began to work on one of her most revealing, honest and empowering records she’s ever made.  “I had to take initiative and challenge myself creatively, giving birth to my ideas and challenging myself with new skills I wasn’t accustomed to “Experiencing so much growth and strength Dionne Reid’ ‘Soundcheck‘ is filled with beautiful horns, deep bass, warm soulful fusions embedded in reggaes foun- dations and beauty.

DJ’s can download The Sound Check Mixtape MP3 here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DionneReid Twitter: @DionneReid
Instagram: @DionneReid
Snapchat: Dionne_Reid

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