Black Moon x Mega Banton (Throwback Thursday)

Let’s take it back to NYC in the early 90s. Brooklyn to be specific… The BOOT CAMP era. Before Biggie Smalls took us into the world of high fashion materialism and glorified gangster-ISM, Buckshot was the voice of the borough. His melodic lyricism and caribbean influence made him stand out in a sea of rappers, in what was arguably the “best time” for hip hop. I Got Cha Opin (remix) was a classic tune. What made it even stronger was the fact that dancehall deejay, and a force at this same time, Mega Banton, had his Sound Boy Killing tune also in rotation. You couldn’t play one without the other.

Remember a time when the only genre was GOOD MUSIC. No Rap, Reggae separation. At least not in my hometown of Brooklyn. The culture was not about trying to be different as today’s youth culture is focused on. Back then, we celebrated our similarities. U-N-I-TY!